Onda embodies a vibrant and forward-thinking culture rooted in the intersection of art and technology. As a new-media art studio based in Italy, our ethos is defined by a passion for creating immersive audiovisual experiences that transcend traditional boundaries. Led by Marcello Arosio, a renowned architect, multimedia artist and art director of Kernel Festival and AreaOdeon, our team of visual designers, musicians, coders, developers, and architects collaborate to craft innovative artworks and performances.

At Onda, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to connect art with people, fostering a dialogue between humanity and the digital landscape. While we specialize in audiovisual and interactive projects, our focus extends beyond mere light art. We are driven by a curiosity to explore the essence of mankind in the digital age, seeking to captivate audiences with deeply engaging experiences that challenge perceptions and inspire wonder.

Our studio thrives on creativity, collaboration, and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and communication strategies. With years of experience and a global perspective cultivated through engagements in Milan, New York, Barcelona and many other european cities, Onda is a beacon of innovation in the new-media art scene.

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