Where are we going? - Onda - Interactive Light Art
Where are we going?

‘Where are we going?’ is a web-based audiovisual interactive installation that engages with the public resing though about our direction in the world, our choices, and the impact of technology on them. It reflects our course, which is (un)consciously determined by the use of technology and the behavior of others.

As a visitor, you are part of ‘Where are we going?’ and move through technology within the light artwork. In the interactive audiovisual installation, you are connected to the twelve LED screens via your own smartphone, and assigned a color and sound. Turn around with your smartphone in hand and see how it affects the light and sound artwork. All those sounds and dancing graphics provide a challenge, a game, and a meeting between art, technology, and other visitors.

Laser Symphony - Onda Studio - Torun
Laser Symphony

Interactive laser mapping installation.
A sensitive carpet of laser beams, as the public passes by, activates a spectacular choreography of laser projections and musical compositions which enhances the geometries and details of the surrounding architecture and the quality of the space.

Cremona, Italy 2017
Riga, Latvia 2017
Messina, Italy 2017
Torun, Poland 2018
Leeuwarden, Netherlands 2021

Enlightment - Onda Studio - Light Art - Messina

Light and sound installation.
A triptych of light and sound installations born as a way to enhance abandoned and unusable architecture. Through the aid of wireless headphones with three channels each associated with an installation, the spectator was able to move from one pavilion to another, maintaining a connection between the lights and the music.

Video mapping - Rise - Onda Studio - Kernel 22 - Villa Reale - Monza

Audiovisual 3D mapping show.
Laughters are one of the curious paradoxes of our life, because they express complex and deep emotions that are difficult to narrate, with an immediate, instinctive and physical reaction.
A collaboration with Delumen for Kernel Monza /022.

Laser Volume - Onda - Light Art - Kinetic
Laser Volume

Kinetic audiovisual laser installations that challenge the ordinary perception of a space using the reflection of light, and the spatialization of the sound that accompanies it.

Suitable for interior locations and venues, as well as exterior spaces, like plazas, parks, and boulevards, this artwork engages the audience in a journey through an alternative dimension of unexpected geometries, where space and perspective are redefined.

The artwork is an ever-changing choreography of light and sound, shaped by the movements of the lasers, and their reflections within the boundaries of the defined volume, offering a new perception of depth.

Audi - Mapping - Onda Studio - Monza
Future Line

3D Mapping video-scenography.
Scenographic 3D Mapping videos cover the building with dynamic and elegant graphics and animations that reflect the Client style and colors.


Audiovisual 3D Mapping Show.
A fast-paced audiovisual show capture the audience with a crescendo of three-dimensional visual effects that redesign the architecture of the façade in synesthesia with the music.

Tosca - Video Mapping - Scenography - Onda

Video scenography in 3D mapping for Tosca by Puccini, built on a backdrop of natural marble, with references to Russian Constructivism to fit the image to the irregular structure of the marble quarry surface.

On the impressive huge slabs of marble, the video scenography, approximately 56x31m wide, has created engaging, fascinating, and absolutely unprecedented atmospheres. A transversal and attractive artistic language, as well as an important tool to promote the area and the territory.

Talking Walls - Mura Parlanti - Onda Studio - Brescia
Mura Parlanti

Audiovisual mapping installation.
The city walls come to life and recount their timeless stories to the inhabitants. An audiovisual project developed in collaboration with local artists that gave words, voice and music to the installation.

Corona - Light Art - Onda Studio - Brescia

Dynamic light installation.
Corona translates musical notes in a choreography of light and color. It is a digital transposition system, which turns each note into an input for the LED lights of the installation. A translation that gives life to a harmonic and engaging light language that breathes at music rhythm.

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